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Find A Property Surveyor In London If You Are Looking To Buy Your Home

You have reached a point in your life where, after working hard, you have earned enough to afford to buy your own house. This is no mean feat, and you should be proud of yourself. Pat yourself on the back for the great job you have done as purchasing your own home brings with it plenty of opportunities and numerous good experiences.

That said, you should appreciate that the reality of owning your own home is quite elusive.

As such, it is essential for you to make the right purchase decision at the first time asking.

There is no room for you to make mistakes and misjudgements as investing your hard-earned cash should be taken seriously. You should think through things and be keen to avoid any errors that can be detrimental to your financial freedom and stability.

With all the above said, it makes sense to seek professional help as you really don’t have to make all the decisions for yourself. It makes sense to hire professionals who can help you make the right decisions.

Luckily for you, there is a group of licensed professionals whose work is to help you get things right when purchasing your home.

These professionals are experienced experts who are experienced in scrutinising, appraising, and evaluating properties on the market.

Whether you are looking to buy a commercial space, a building, a house, or even a barn, they can help you out.

If you are in need for someone to help you understand a property you want to invest in, get your yourself a Property Surveyor.

What Is The Work Of A Property Surveyor?

Property surveyors are hired to inspect and write up detailed reports of properties that are on the market for sale.

Among their responsibilities is to determine whether the property is sold at a realistic price or not.

Property surveyors inspect the property for deficiencies, defects, and other issues such as poor plumbing, leaks, glazing issues, bad roofing, file failures, and many others.

After scrutinising a property, they determine whether a property is a wise buy. Surveyors offer their clients (typically the property buyer) advice on whether the defects are fixable and how to fix the defects.

After conducting a thorough report, they give their clients the information they have uncovered by creating a detailed report on the state of the property. Ultimately, they give their professional judgment on whether the property is a good buy or not.

Take the example of a family of four looking to purchase a house in London.

The family find a suitable property in 95 West Street that meets their requirements. However, to determine the state of the house, they contract a Property Surveyor in London.

The surveyor then goes to the property and makes their initial inspection, typically on the superficial and physical state to the property.

After that, the surveyor conducts a thorough examination, ensuring every aspect of the property is scrutinised. The in-depth inspection entails looking at the tilework, plumbing, heating, roof, materials decay and much more.

After inspecting every aspect of the property, the surveyor creates a property survey report.

The property survey report cites and details the surveyor’s findings of their inspection. They detail all the strengths and weaknesses that they have encountered.

The property survey report is then submitted to the family of four to aid them to make an informed purchase decision based on facts.

If the surveyor’s report determines that the property has more merits than demerits, they can go ahead take the deal. Alternatively, they can choose to negotiate for a better deal for the home. Dealing with a surveyor is that simple.

Property surveyors are experienced professionals who have worked in the field for many years. As such, they know what to look for and where to look.

They can unearth many property defects which are not visible to untrained eyes. Many of the defects are only inferred from signs, which you need training to be able to look for and identify.

You can read this article by Olslaw that enumerate the 3 main reasons you should hire a property surveyor to survey your property:

The bottom line is when buying a property, the more informed you are, the better a decision-maker you will be. Purchasing a house is a considerable spend, and you need to take care of your money.

Ensure you get your money’s worth of property. After all, it is not money you can typically earn overnight, and a property surveyor fees are more affordable than carrying out wide-scale property innovations.

The Seven Different Types Of Property Existing In The UK Today


Currently, there are seven different types of property existing in the United Kingdom. To an extent, the property types available to rent and purchase are based on specific styles, space and affordability.

Houses, as an overall category, include various forms. For example, properties are available as detached, semi-detached, terrace and end of terrace options. Then there are residential properties such as bungalows, cottages and flats that serve a different purpose.

The property style you choose is dependent greatly on where you live. For instance, when residing in congested cities, people often select apartments. When living in the countryside, you will find more bungalows, cottages, and multi-level houses.

#1: The Flat

flats in the UK

The first type of seven property styles existing in the UK is the flat or apartment.

The term ‘flat’ is a primarily British term and refers to studio flats, maisonettes and two-storey flats.

The flat includes a self-contained living area in one part of a multi-residential building. Typically, the building is split into several individual flats with communal areas being shared by residents (stairwells, lifts and reception rooms).

#2: The Detached House

detached house

Detached properties are likely to be the property most people dream of owning.

A detached house offers more privacy than a flat because they are single free-standing designs.

The lack of sharing walls with neighbours increases privacy for the resident, and this is why detached properties are often more costly and in demand.

UK Property Market Review in June 2019

Hi my name is Dan rudders, and I’m a property developer with a keen eye on the UK property is based here in the UK, just outside our capital, London.

Just to get my blog started with my first post, to provide you with some, well I think is, great information, I’ve added a video from Garrington Property Finders on UK Property Market Review was created in June 2019.

This video provides a great insight into the UK property market I think it’s a good start to give you some good value.  I hope you enjoy it.